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Java is a general-purpose and object-oriented programming language that runs on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Using Java, we can write stand-alone programs called applications and web-based programs called applets. Java technology has special features that run the same applications from any kind of machine such as a PC, a network computer, an embedded system, a mobile phone and so on. Java is also used as the programming language for many different software programs, games, and add-ons. Some examples of the more widely used programs written in Java or that use Java include Adobe Creative Suite, Eclipse, Lotus Notes, Minecraft, OpenOffice, Runescape, and Vuze.Java is maintained and owned by Oracle.When used on the Internet, Java allows applets to be downloaded and used through a browser, which enables the browser to perform a function or feature not normally available.
Publisher: Azimuth eLearning
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  • Aesthetic design, highly interactive and dynamic GUI.


  • Bookmark Management System - You can bookmark important lessons to watch them again.


  • Self-assessments with instant results.


  • Software glossary for each respective Azimuth online course.
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