Communication skills

Learn step by step the art of good communication. Communicate well in any situation. Effectual communication skills are mandatory & priceless in professional, business and social human relationships. Good communication skills enable effective self presentation, management of people, teamwork, effective negotiation, conflict resolution and right decision-making.
Publisher: Azimuth eLearning
₹ 500.00

This course will teach you how to  assert yourself, express what you mean, speak in public, write correctly, use appropriate body language, and make an impression each time - every time.

Course Features:

  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Content developed by industry experts
  • Self-paced learning and self-assessment
  • Real life scenario as examples

Course Benefits:

  • Master the soft skills required for a successful career
  • Understand the importance of clear communication
  • Improve your time management efficiency
  • Develop knowledge of good leadership practices
  • Stand out in job interviews
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